Kicking Off The Big Heyride

Well, after seven months, countless Topo Chicos, a lot of eye-rubbing in front of our monitors and a ton of help from friends, family, colleagues and testers…Heyride is live!

A little backstory.

During this year’s South By Southwest—a time of transportation frustrations for Austin residents and out-of-towners alike—I wondered why there wasn’t a way for people who needed rides to easily connect to people who would be willing to give them. A self-sustaining transportation community like that could really make a difference not just in Austin, but in countless cities around the country where pre-existing transportation options weren’t meeting consumer needs. A mobile app that filled in these gaps seemed like the obvious answer. 

Soon after, I teamed up with a small group of ferociously talented developers and designers and we got to work. Together, we’ve built out this idea to help empower people to share rides together on commutes, give a lift to someone in need, carpool people safely to and from nights out if they shouldn’t be behind the wheel and get reimbursed for their time and fuel. Suffice it to say, we’re genuinely passionate about this, and at the end of the day, if we can cut down on our collective carbon footprint, ease traffic and get people around safely, we’re on the right track. 

This weekend, we’ll be out in the wild, with riders and drivers navigating a weekend in Austin with Heyride’s help. We’ll be updating the app quickly, so keep checking back here as we tighten the bolts and introduce new features.

Thanks for riding shotgun with us.

- Josh